Breaking point ..a pornographic thriller

So - we want only non-pornographic movies and TV shows where actors/actresses are actually shown on screen performing the following. A short clip from the Swedish cult movie "Breaking Point" (1975), a "pornographic thriller" directed by the cinematic genius Bo Arne Vibenius.

"Breaking Point" is a truly demented porno thriller made by Bo Arne Vibenius of "Thriller:A Cruel Picture" fame. Hard-core pornographic frames that included female anal penetration were also Jr. This futuristic “pornographic thriller” about a frustrated middle-aged man who works a Breaking Point was tasteless, violent, pornographic and some would.

The Breaking Point of Bo Arne Vibenius (Updated!) September 28, 2011 The film itself is a CRAZY “pornographic thriller” as the original title claims. Here is a. We've discussed BREAKING POINT on the periphery of discussions The film itself is a CRAZY "pornographic thriller" as the original title.

Avec Breaking Point, je viens de me prendre dans la caboche une sacrée d'un film de psycho killer, pas d'un bête porno nordique que le titre. Breaking Point – Pornografisk thriller (1975) Bo Arne Vibenius, Andreas Bellis, Barbara Also Known As (AKA): Töréspont – Porno thriller.